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    Log CEUs with FCDS - Attendance at FCDS Educational Webcast Series held 8/21/2014 - 8/21/2017 can be logged into the FCDS CEU Tracking System on this page. Only webcasts held during this 3-year period will be logged. Beginning on 10/19/2017 ONLY Registered FLccSC Users will be given access to the CEU Quiz to earn continuing education hours. Florida attendees must have a Florida FLccSC account & pass the CEU Quiz to get CEUs. South Carolina attendees must have a South Carolina FLccSC account & pass the CEU Quiz to get CEUs. Non-FLccSC Users (Out-of-State Attendees) are invited to attend the live webcasts or view recorded sessions but will not receive CEUs for attendance. NAACCR webinars have their own CEU recording mechanism. Thank you.


  • 11/18/2021 1-3pm, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Using 2021 Manuals: Grade, SSDI, Solid Tumors, ICD-O, SEER*RSA and Other 2021 References, Recording, Slides
  • 10/21/2021, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - 2021 FCDS DAM - A Grand Tour, Recording, Slides
  • 09/16/2021, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Summary of the 2021 Virtual FCDS Annual Conference and a Review of the 2021 Florida Cancer Reporting Requirements, Recording
  • 02/18/2021, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Upper GI Tract, Recording, Slides
  • 01/21/2021, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Pediatric Cancers, Recording, Slides

  • 2020

  • 12/17/2020, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Oral Cavity, Oropharynx, Salivary Gland, Recording, Slides
  • 11/19/2020, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Skin Cancers, Recording, Slides
  • 10/29/2020, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Sarcoma, Recording, Slides
  • 04/30/2020, 2020 FCDS Audit Reconciliation Instructions, Recording
  • 02/20/2020, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Current Status of the Use of Molecular Genetics and Tumor Markers in Cancer Diagnosis, Workup, Recording, Slides
  • 01/16/2020, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - 2020 FLccSC Updates & Demo of Other Educational Resources for Registrars, Recording, Slides, List of Sources

  • 2019

  • 12/19/2019, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - 2019 Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Therapy, Recording, Slides
  • 10/24/2019, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Solid Tumor Rules and Histology Coding Intensive - Part II, Recording, Slides
  • 9/19/2019, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - ICD-O-3 Coding Intensive, Slides, Blank Answer Sheet, Recording
  • 8/22/2019, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Convention Brief: 2019 FCDS Annual Meeting Highlights, Slides, Excel file of sources, CA Cancer J Clin 2019 article: The Current State of Molecular Testing in the Treatment of Patients With Solid Tumors, 2019, Recording
  • 4/1/2019, FCDS Audit Reconciliation Webcast (2017 DX Year - Urinary System), Recording
  • 3/21/2019, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Brain and CNS (benign/borderline/malignant), Slides, Recording
  • 1/17/2019, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Urinary System, Slides, Recording

  • 2018

  • 12/13/2018, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Thyroid, Recording, Slides
  • 11/15/2018, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - 2018 Updates - Breast, Recording, Slides
  • 10/25/2018, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Colon (incl. Appendix) and Rectum, Recording, Slides
  • 9/20/2018, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Lung, Recording, Slides
  • 8/16/2018, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Convention Brief: 2018 FCDS Annual Meeting Highlights, Recording
  • 08/15/2018, FCDS Audit Reconciliation Webcast - Urinary System Cancers - Dx Yr 2016, Recording

  • 2017

  • 12/14/2017, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Molecular and Genetic Tumor Profiles, NCRA CEU: 2017-116, 2 CEUs(2 Category A CEUs), Recording, Slides 2/page, Slides 2/page Black/White
  • 11/16/2017, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Lung Cancer: FCDS Audit Findings, Anatomy, Staging Using the AJCC 8th ed., SSF Req'd to Stage, NCRA CEU: login to FCDS IDEA and choose the new LMS, FLccSC to take the CEU quiz, Recording, Slides 2/page, Slides 2/page Black/White
  • 10/19/2017, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Lymphoid & Myeloid Neoplasms: 2016 Revision of the WHO Classification & You, NCRA CEU: login to FCDS IDEA and choose the new LMS, FLccSC to take the CEU quiz, Recording, Slides 2/page, Slides 2/page Black/White
  • 8/17/2017, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Convention Brief: 2017 FCDS Annual Meeting Highlights, NCRA CEU: 2017-115, 2 CEUs(0 Category A CEUs), Slides 2/page, Slides 4/page, Recording
  • 2/16/2017, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Female GYN Sites: Ovary, Adnexa & Peritoneum, Uterus, Cervix, Vagina, Vulva, NCRA CEU: 2016-104, 2 CEUs(2 Category A CEUs),Slides, Slides (black/white), There were audio problems during the live webinar. The recording has a 5 minute blank area in the middle: Recording

  • 2016

  • 12/15/2016, 2016 FCDS Audit Reconciliation Instructions, Recording, Slides
  • 11/17/2016, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Male GU Sites: Kidney, Bladder, Testis, Prostate, Penis, NCRA CEU: 2016-103, Recording, Slides
  • 10/20/2016, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - 2016 AJCC TNM - Staging Practice Cases, NCRA CEU: 2016-102, Recording, Final Complete slides/practice/answers, Slides, Practice Cases, Answer WorkSheet
  • 09/15/2016, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - AJCC TNM and Cancer Stage Review, NCRA CEU: 2016-101, Recording, Slides, 3/page black/white for easier printing
  • 08/18/2016, FCDS Educational Webcast Series - Convention Brief: 2016 FCDS Annual Meeting Highlights, NCRA CEU: 2016-100, Slides, 3/page Grayscale for easier printing, Recording
  • 02/18/2016, FCDS 2015-2016 Educational Webcast Series - Colon (incl. Appendix) and Rectum Neoplasms, NCRA CEU: 2015-112, Recording, Slides, Slides with answers, Practice cases with answers, Colon/Rectum Staging Form, NCRA Colon Informational Abstract, AJCC Colon/Rectum Cancer Staging
  • 01/21/2016, FCDS 2015-2016 Educational Webcast Series - Breast Neoplasms, NCRA CEU: 2015-116, Recording, Slides (updated), AJCC Breast Cancer Staging Poster, NAACCR Appendix C Revised Valid Values for AJCC T, N, and M, AJCC Breast Cancer Staging Form, Breast Staging Practice Cases With Answers
  • 2021 FCDS Virtual Annual Conference Web Series - 8/12/2021-9/2/2021

    The FCDS 2021 Virtual Annual Conference will consist of a Series of 4 Webinars held weekly starting on Thursday, August 12, 2021. The FCDS Sessions will include 1 two-hour webinar each week every Thursday from August 12 - September 2 from 1pm-3pm.

    Each webinar in the series is completely FREE of Charge. All FCDS Sessions will be recorded.

    Participants must register for each of the sessions you plan to attend. Link to Registration for each Session.

    FCDS encourages ALL Florida Registrars including Florida Interim Staffing Companies and Individual Contractors to attend ALL 4 Sessions. Each session will provide an entirely different set of information. All sessions are equally relevant and timely. Again, the entire conference series will be recorded.

    CEUs: Each webinar will be awarded CEUs separately. CEUs will only be available for those attending live.

    Session NameDate/TimeTopics/FilesRegistration Link/Recording
    FCDS 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting
    Session 1
    8/12/2021 1-3pm • Introduction to the 2021 Virtual Webinar Series by FCDS • Explain CEUs for this year - blank certificate that you fill in yourself • DOH and FCDS Updates - State of the State • Resumption of Cancer Screening in Florida - CCRAB • Florida Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Pilot Project: Update • FCDS Data Visualization Dashboards • FCDS DREAMS and Planning Special Data Requests
    • Meredith Hennon, Florida Dept. of Health, 2021 Florida Dept. of Health
    • Gary Levin, FCDS, State of the State
    • Dr. Michael Diaz, The Impact of Covid-19 on Cancer Screenings, Impact of COVID-19 on Cancer Care: How the Pandemic Is Delaying Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment for American Seniors
    • Dr. Monique Hernandez, FCDS, Florida Cancer Screening System Pilot Project FCDS Data Visualizations Dashboards
    FCDS CEU Certificate 2021
    Session 1 Recording
    FCDS 2021 Annual Meeting
    Session 2
    8/19/2021 1-3pm • 2019-2020 Data Acquisition Summary • 2020 FCDS QC Activities - Case Reviews, AHCA, NEC/NET Audit, DQIR • 2021 CDC/NPCR Data Quality Evaluation of FCDS & Florida - Summary • That Thing You Do (or Don't Do) - Florida Visual Editing by NPCR & FCDS • 2021-2022 FCDS Education and Training Plan and Webcast Schedule • 2021 FCDS Cancer Reporting Requirements - Summary of Changes • FCRA/FCDS Task Force Update • Annual FCDS Jean Byers and Pat Strait Awards
    • Steve Peace, QC Activities Summary
    • Steve Peace, Educational and Training Plan 2021 Standards
    • Steve Peace, FCRA/FCDS Joint Task Force 2021-2022
    • Meg Herna, Jean Byers/Pat Strait Awards
    • Meg Herna, Cancer Reporting Requirements 2021-2022
    • Meg Herna, 2021 Data Quality Eval/2020 Data Evaluation Reports
    • Meg Herna, Data Acquisition Summary 2019-2020
    • Steve Peace, FCDS QC, NPCR Audit, Text Documentation
    FCDS CEU Certificate 2021
    Session 2 Recording
    FCDS 2021 Annual Meeting
    Session 3
    8/26/2020 1-3pm • 2021 FCDS DAM - A Grand Tour - Where to Find What You Need • Using the SEER*RSA for Staging/SSDIs and Other SEER Website Features • Steve Peace, Using the SEER Website, SEER RSA for Staging and SSDI's
    • Meg Herna, 2021 FCDS Data Acquisition Manual Overview/Summary of Changes
    FCDS CEU Certificate 2021
    Session 3 Recording
    FCDS 2021 Annual Meeting
    Session 4
    9/2/2020 1-3pm • ICD-O Updates / Solid Tumor Rules Updates / Coding Grade - Correctly • 2021 Resources for Registrars - Dynamic Changes by AJCC/CoC/SEER • Steve Peace, 2021 Cancer Registry Manuals and Instructions, What's New and How to
    • Steve Peace, 2021 More Resources for Registrars
    FCDS CEU Certificate 2021
    Session 4 Recording

  • FCDS Facility Follow-Up Report in IDEA (Batch & Inquiry), Gary Levin, BA, CTR, Recording
  • 2021 Required Manuals Versions Links to Sources
  • Resources for Registrars - updated April 2021
  • SEER Program Coding and Staging Manual The Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) Program Coding and Staging Manual is date specific. Previous editions of this manual are available on the SEER website.
  • CoC Store Manual, link to NAACCR discussion forum

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