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    The Florida Cancer Data System has numerous technical resources available to assist the facility based abstractor, vendor and physician office with data submission editing and statistical analysis. Some resources were developed by FCDS personnel, some by other national agencies and individuals. Please download the files/documentation as necessary.

    Certification of Completeness:

    In order for FCDS to have a better assessment of hospital completeness, we have implemented a Certification of Completeness that will require each reporting facility to certify that they have completed their current data year reporting. The system will record the date of completion for reference and can provide a reflection of historical performance relative to on-time reporting. Demo recording

    Each facility is required to certify their completeness by logging into the IDEA system, choosing Admissions Report /Certify Completeness under the Reports/Inquiry tab and following the steps to certify completeness.

    We will be sending out reminders about the Certification of Completeness requirement as we get closer to our annual reporting deadline. As always, we thank you for your support.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me.

    Thank you,

    Megsys C. Herna, BA, CTR
    Manager, Data Acquisition and Record Consolidation
    Florida Cancer Data System
    University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
    P.O. BOX 016960 (D4-11)
    Miami, FL 33101
    Office: (305) 243-2625
    Fax: (305) 243-4871

    HOIA: Hispanic Origin Identification Algorithm The Hispanic Origin Identification Algorithm (HOIA) by Paulo S Pinheiro Miami, September 2007
  • Disease Index
  • ICD-10-CM Casefinding List for Reportable Tumors - Oct 1, 2017 and later encounters
  • Detailed ICD-10-CM Code List for Casefinding Reportable Tumors - Oct 1, 2017 and later encounters

    Disease Index file layout

  • NPCR and Registry Plus Online Help have given FCDS permission to distribute this Online Help file to Florida Registrars to load on their local hard drive while the CSv2 website is revised and back-dated to CSv02.02.00. Normally this file would be part of the complete Registry Plus Online Help system, but this single manual file in html help format will help FCDS and all of our Florida Registrars until the v0202 files are accessible again on The file contains the same information as was in the html pages on the web site. The file is an executable component of Registry Plus Online Help, a product of CDC's National Program of Cancer Registries.
  • SEER*RX Interactive Antineoplastic Drugs Database

    Registry Plus (on CDC website) You also download the Version 11 help file from this link.

    SEER*Prep The SEER*Prep software converts ASCII text data files to the SEER*Stat database format, allowing you to analyze your cancer data using SEER*Stat. SEER*Prep performs two main functions: it converts text data to the specific binary format required by SEER*Stat, and it creates the SEER*Stat data dictionary.

    SEER*Stat The SEER*Stat statistical software provides a convenient, intuitive mechanism for the analysis of SEER and other cancer-related databases. It is a powerful PC tool to view individual cancer records and to produce statistics for studying the impact of cancer on a population.

    FCDS Data Files

    Other Data files and programs:

  • NPPES NPI Registry - NPI lookup
  • Current list of FCDS Edit messages as a comma separated file. This link downloads the latest FCDS Edit Messages with Force/Warning flags. Sorted by category/edit#.
  • Some files on the FCDS website are in PDF format. If you do not have the Adobe Reader installed, you can download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader program and install it to read these PDF files. Adobe.
  • Other files on the FCDS website are in ZIP compressed format. If you do not have a program to read and uncompress a ZIP file, you can download the free evaluation version of WINZIP program and install it. WINZIP Website. There are many other free/shareware unzip utilities on the internet. Some later versions of Microsoft Windows include free uncompress features.

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